photo of Barbora Doslikova


Originally from the Czech Republic, I gained my education in the UK where I lived for 10 years and trained as a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge, followed by a 2-year postdoctoral appointment at the University of Alberta in Canada.

I am passionate about learning new things and working towards a positive social impact. To that extent I have travelled the world, volunteered in nature reserves, and mentored soon-to-be-programmers.

Currently, I am helping Teace Snyder – the Canadian writer, director and producer at Original Cliché Entertainment – to promote his feature film Hold Me (you can learn more at

The film is about the story of a woman whose job it is to hold and console people who choose a physician-assisted death. As such, Hold Me touches on an evolving discussion centered on palliative care and the dying with dignity cause, and acts as a non-confrontational means to broach the subject of assisted dying to the public to facilitate and encourage this conversation.

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